Jeff Campbell
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Phone: 612-554-7439
60 Acres with House, and Buildings Just South of Montrose MN
3 Bed, 1 Bath
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South West View
East View From Hwy 25
South East View
North East View
House South East Corner
Kitchen, Dining Room
Dining Room
Kitchen, Laundry
Laundry Room
Main Bath Room
Main Hall, Stairs to 2nd Floor, Bath, Bed Room
Bed Room
Living Room, Main Hall, Bath, Kitchen
Living Room, South Entry
2nd Floor East Bed Room, Hall, West Bed Room
2nd Floor South East Bed Room
2nd Floor South West Bed Room
East Entry
Basement Stairs to East Entry, Cellar
Basement Cellar
Basement Center Room, North Room
Basement Center Room, North Room
Basement North Room, Center Room
Basement North Room
North East View
Garages, Barn, Shed South Side
Garages South East Corner
Shed, Barn West Side
East View
Milk House
Mill House
Barn, South Entry, Door to Milk House
Barn, Machine Shed
Barn Machine Shed
Machine Shed
Machine Shed South Side
Machine Shed North Side
Machine Shed North Side
Shed, Barn East Side
Shed, Barn North East Corner
Shed, Barn North West Corner
Garage South West Corner
West Garage
West Garage
East Garage
East Garage
Garages, Barn South West Corner
House South Side
House North East Corner
House North West Corner
Deck Looking South East
Cloths Line Garden
South Side
South View
North West View
North West View
Out Buildings East Side
Out Building South East Corner
Out Building 1
Out Buildng 2
North East Corner Garages, Well House, House
North West Corner Barn, Well House, Garages
Well House
South East View
South View
South West Corner Drive In
South West View
Driveway Looking West Towards Hwy 25
Hwy 25 Drive In